NRF Junior & Youth (9th - 17th Grade)


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NRF football builds on the development football provided through the Junior and Youth grades, whilst opening up the opportunity for all participating players to improve their skills and opportunities.

Grades 9th to 12th have the option of playing in either our In-house competition or playing football against other clubs in NRF - Northern Region Football.

BBAFC is a community focused club, looking out for the best interests of our playing community, keeping kids in sports. We strive to develop teams with a strong unity, and great atmosphere and comradery.

The focus for these grades is on developing their skills as part of a team playing in a safe and friendly environment that provides appropriate levels of competition to aid player development. They play against other clubs throughout Auckland region in the NRF league.

In each grade there are multiple divisions to provide for the varying skills and capabilities of players, all to have fun.


We have a number of girls teams playing in girls leagues, from 9th/10th grade right up to 16th grade then into Senior Women's football.


We utilise the extensive pool of enthusiastic parents and older players to coach and guide our junior and youth teams.  Plus we have a highly qualified Director of Football and Technical Director who are fantastic at overseeing and supporting our coaches and teams.  We also provide the opportunity for all coaches to up-skill themselves with coaching qualifications.


All NRF players are wearing our new Adidas strip.  Looking very smart on the pitch.  This is purchased via the link to the left.


NRF Junior Grades 9 to 12    $180

NRF Youth Grades 13 to 17  $200

* the fee structure is based on the age of the child playing, not the grade they are playing in.


The competition season generally runs from April to September.  Plus there are a number of tournaments that the teams can compete in during the season.  A highlight being the Taupo and Rose Bowl tournaments.

We play the first and last weekends of the school holidays only, leaving no game on the middle weekend.

NRFL - used to be known as Metro and Conference

The NRFL leagues are the top competitions in each grade. Entry into these leagues is for clubs operating the TDP Programme, which is a high intensity  programme put together by the NRF. 



2017 5th Grade  $120

2016 6th Grade  $120

2015 7th Grade  $120

2014 8th Grade  $120

Based on Year of birth

ie; if you are turning 14 this year, you will be in the 14th Grade


2013 9th Grade    $180

2012 10th Grade  $180

2011 11th Grade  $180

2010 12th Grade  $180

2009 13th Grade  $200

2008 14th Grade  $200

2007 15th Grade  $200

2006 16th Grade  $200

2005 17th Grade  $200

2004 19th Grade  $240

2003 19th Grade  $240


2002 and older  $240

Combined Age Groups

In-house - 9th/10th  & 11th/12th

Girls - 15th and 16th - NRF 16th Grade

Boys - 16th and 17th - NRF 17th Grade

* the fee structure is based on the age of the child playing, not the grade they are playing in.


The Youth Framework will look to capitalise on the success of the Junior Framework by keeping young players involved and making sure they are enthusiastic about playing the beautiful game.

The Youth Framework provides a clear, coordinated national approach to the development of youth players aged 13-19 years. Its main aim is to provide all youth players, regardless of their ability, with high quality experiences in order to retain them in or attract them to the game.

The Youth Framework provides clear pathways for players ensuring that young footballers can access opportunities to play at an appropriate level.

During the youth years, growth and maturation, as well as interest and commitment to the sport, do not develop at the same rate for all players. It is important that football activity shapes both the player and the person in a challenging, safe and enjoyable environment.


The Youth Framework will also provide clear training and match day guidelines that are linked to the New Zealand Football Playing Philosophy. This will enable an aligned approach to helping players increase their technical proficiency, tactical understanding and love for the game.


(Click image to view Youth Framework pdf)

"Young players need freedom of expression to develop as creative players... they should be encouraged to try skills without fear of failure"

Arsene Wenger