BBAFC has entered into a number of significant and strategic partnerships so as to provide a quality service to it's football community.

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Pictured left to right, Peter Smith MAGS, Rudy Mozr BBAFC First Team Coach, Sander Waterland BBAFC DOF.


Bucklands Beach AFC signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Auckland School, Mt Albert Grammar. Mt Albert Grammar has a rich footballing history, which alumni includes a number of New Zealand senior representatives in the likes of Monty Patterson, Michael Boxall, Grace Jale and Malia Steinmetz.


The intention of the MOU illustrates the purpose of providing a clear pathway for players as well as managing the workload for players who choose to be in both environments.


“It’s a huge step forward for our club” Bucklands Beach Director of Football Sander Waterland said. “Both the club and school environments will be working very hard to meet and exceed the needs of our young footballers.”

“Our MOU will enable both the school and club to monitor the workload and juggle accordingly the loading of players who choose to be in both environments.”


The MOU will help players to reach the recommended loading of Three trainings and two matches per week.  An understanding between the two entities will help manage the workload of players, lessening the chance of injury to young teenagers.

“We are very excited at the prospect of sharing knowledge between our coaches at both Bucklands Beach AFC and Mt Albert Grammar School” Waterland said. “With our Men’s First Team Coach Rudy Mozr also coaching at Mt Albert Grammar, he had the opportunity work closely with the schools Director of Football Peter Smith.”  “Rudy and I were able to share the knowledge of player loading with Peter and number of coaches at Mt Albert Grammar, which started the process of the two entities working closer together.”



BBAFC and BMAFC (Beachlands Maraetai AFC) are pleased to announce that we have reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between our two football clubs that will give some fantastic opportunities to members from both clubs. This agreement will see players from each club able to move between clubs each season to play in a team more suitable for their level of skill (should they choose to), while still remaining a member of their initial club. Football in Auckland has long been dominated by the “large clubs” and this MOU will allow us to group players from both clubs to provide football tailored to the skill level of the player, regardless of whether that player is a social player out for a good time with his or her friends, or our next All White or Football Fern!